Mission Statement

I am passionate about improving the quality of life at work, and working at improving life for my readers and clients.  

Most of us spend on average 50% of our time dedicated to our job - don't wait for weekends to find your happiness.


First of all, thanks for stopping by.  I am a leader who loves helping others discover their purpose and help them realize and achieve their goals.  

Professionally, I found my niche when I became a people leader which fueled my obsession with leadership and how to be an effective leader.

In speaking with friends and family, I've realized how many dysfunctional/toxic work environments there are  - this is my attempt to tackle it, one blog post/workshop at a time (kind of like a super hero without a cape).

Personally, I hold a Graduate Diploma in Business, and pursuing a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership at Royal Roads University.

In addition, I volunteer with Simon Fraser University in the Mentors in Business program - mentoring students who are about to embark in their career, and I sit on the Board of Advisors for an amazing non-profit called calmversation.

Life is short, and we spend the majority of our adult lives at work - don't wait for the weekend to fully live your life. Live it at work too.  


Email: vanessa@coachv.ca 

Located in the Vancouver region, BC

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